Words of Wisdom from the Intern

Hello Bootcampers! Hope everyone is getting off on the right foot this week. Here’s something to consider as all of our favorite TV shows are ending.

Don’t snack while watching TV!

When you are watching TV, you become less aware of what exactly you are eating and how much of it you are eating. As a society, American’s tend to be people who multi-task to get through their busy schedules. Snacking while in front of the TV could mean an extra 200-300 calories WOW! That could really add up during the week. Multitasking will result in you not enjoying your meal and even overeating instead of proper proportions. This sensation is called “Screen Eating”.

Now I will be honest, this is something I typically do ALL of the time. As an on-the-go college student, every precious second means the difference between an all-nighter or a few hours of sleep. Now that all of this has been brought to my attention, I am aware of the problem and will fight towards a better solution.

Our challenge to all of YOU is to simply eat every meal at the table this week. Need something going on in the background? Play some light music and ENJOY your meal! Simple, right?

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-Jacob Dicus, Marketing Intern

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