What’s Your Favorite Fitness App

%image_alt%Everyone seems to have a favorite app when it comes to fitness. Your favorite fitness app may be as simple as counting your calories or far more complex. Apps approach a wide variety of fitness needs and are becoming more prevalent as a partner to help you achieve your best. There are apps that estimate the number of calories you’re burning as you exercise. These can prove to be quite motivating. As you watch the calories burned grow, it gives you incentive to do just one more set of exercises or push a little harder.

Heart rate monitors work better if you have an app to interpret the information.

Some workouts are geared specifically to raising your heart rate. A monitor alone is good enough for that. However, when you want to track the statistics of your workout, an app that collects the information and tracks the heart rate, time and other factors in your workout, you’ll be able to get the benefit of the monitor, plus information that will show you your progress. Other apps track your workouts and gives you feed back on your progress.

Logging in your food intake or help with dietary needs.

If you’re having problems shedding those extra pounds or learning the healthiest foods to eat, you can benefit from apps that give you the information, make dietary suggestions or just log in your calorie intake. While some people are very aware of how to eat healthier, there are also people just starting a healthy diet. The apps to log in your food intake can help them identify areas where they can save calories by making just a few substitutions or planning healthy snacks for those times when you’re tempted.

Some apps can be a workout partner.

Yes, there are even apps that count reps and talk you through an exercise routine. These are great for anyone that can’t make it to the gym frequently. They keep you honest and keep you focused on your routine. While the app won’t be able to see your form and correct it if necessary, it can give you a visual to refer to when you want a little refreshing or are learning something new. There’s nothing like a human trainer to provide the motivation, education and information you need, but the trainer types of apps are a good supplement and can help when you’re working out on your own.

Get apps for music to go with the pace of your workout. You won’t have to search through your playlist to find the right music for every type of exercising.

Be accountable. There are apps to help you be more accountable by logging in your training time.

Check your overall fitness when you log information into some types of apps. Health apps allow you to put in your weight, height, blood pressure and other information and they give you feedback on diet and exercising.

Make your workout a game or competition. Some apps will pit you against other users, while other apps turn your workout into a game, allowing you to unlock the next exercise once you’ve completed the requirements.

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