Unique Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

%image_alt%Unique Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

Bored with all those cliché Easter Egg hunt traditions and hesitant to get up and be involved?  Well let’s mix it up!  Here are some ideas that may spice up your Easter Egg Hunt traditions!

1)      Hide and Seek for your basket

Why should anyone just be given their basket right off the bat?  Hide your child’s or the participant’s basket and make eggs with clues leading to the spot you hid the basket.  You can also tie string to the basket in its hiding spot and loop the string around everywhere and then lead the string to the participant or the starting spot to have the person search for their basket! This will be a nice warm up preceding the true egg hunt!

2)      Odd-Even hunt

Write on the eggs odd and even numbers.  Give everyone participating in the hunt an odd or even number.  The persons can only pick up eggs of their assigned category, odd or even.

3)      Math Easter Egg Hunt

Write numbers on little pieces of paper (ranging from 1-5) and put them each into the eggs.  Limit the participants on the number of eggs they are allowed to pick up in the hunt.  Have the participants find all the eggs they are allowed and add up the numbers they found in their eggs.  Have prizes for the people with the largest total.  Also scatter candy in some eggs or other treats to make sure everyone gets a little something.

4)      Secret prizes

Purchase a few cheap mystery or funny prizes to add to your egg hunt. In your traditional egg hunt add a few eggs with little pieces of paper with riddles written on each.  The riddles should hint to the unknown prizes. When everyone is done the people who find the eggs with notes will get their mystery prizes.

5)      Colored Egg hunt

Designate a certain color corresponding to a certain color of egg, to each person and only allow each person to find eggs that are off their color.

6)      Name egg hunt

Evenly split up the eggs into groups, and write the name of each participant on each egg group.  The person will find the eggs with their name on them.

7)      Winning eggs

Have a traditional egg hunt and scatter a few real eggs in the hunt with numbers 1-5 written on them.  Purchase prizes to be given out to the people who find these eggs.

8)      Indoor hunt

Bad weather or just want to mix it up have your hunt indoors. This will give a good change in pace for the traditional Easter egg hunt and give new hiding spots for the egg!

9)      Night-time egg hunt

Have your egg hunt at night!  Give everyone involved a flash light to search for their eggs in the dark.  You can also paint the eggs with glow in the dark paint and have the participants search for the glowing eggs.

10)  Reverse egg hunt

Have the participants make their own Easter egg and have them hide the egg.  The leaders of the hunt will search for an egg and the participant whose egg is found will receive a prize.

11)  Treasure map hunt

Draw specific maps for the egg hunt area.  Be very specific in the drawings of the map (right down to the last tree).  Give the maps or map to the participants for them to view.  This will give the participants a chance to strategize their hunt.  This idea works best for large areas.

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