Transform Your Body in 2 Steps

1) consistent, challenging exercise and 2) balanced, proper nutrition.

The food you eat prior to and following exercise plays a key role in the overall success of your workout. What you eat and when you eat can either help you burn more calories and build more muscle or it can hinder your weight-loss and muscle-mass goals.

Pre-Workout Fuel. Many people find that exercising first thing in the morning works best for their schedule. For some, this means heading to the gym on an empty stomach. Unfortunately, when you exercise with your body's "gas tank" on empty, your body will start to take the amino acids from your muscles and convert them to the glucose you need for energy.

Therefore, instead of burning fat, you may actually break down your muscle!
In order to burn fat, you need to fuel up with something nutritious an hour before working out. This gives your body enough time to digest the food and make the energy available for exercising.

Replenish Post-workout. The goal of post-workout nutrition is to help muscles rebuild and strengthen following the stress and loss of glycogen they experience during exercise. To replenish energy stores, your muscles need protein and carbohydrates within half an hour to an hour and a half following exercise.

Examples of a post-workout snacks and meals include a four- to six-ounce turkey breast, a green salad with grilled chicken, or a smoothie with fresh fruit and yogurt.

When you skip on the balanced, proper nutrition, you cheat yourself out of the sculpted physique that you should have.

The next time you come to boot camp, lift weights or go to the pool to swim laps, make sure your body is fueled up with the quality carbs, protein, and fiber it needs for energy and stamina. And after your workout, replenish the lost energy.

DO NOT feed your fat by consuming a pre or post workout containing:

·     Simple carbohydrates

·     Sugar

·     Greasy fat foods

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