The Switch Witch

Trick-or-Treating is this weekend, and if your kids are like mine, this is not a one time event. They have class parties, trunk-or-treat events, parades, and then one night of actual trick-or-treating. Add those events up and multiply by three kids and you’ve got a truckload of candy.

I don’t need a truckload of candy sitting around my house and I’m sure you don’t either. But, who wants to be the meanest mom ever (actually sometimes I really do) and toss all of the candy. It starts crying fits and you feel wasteful throwing out candy that people have purchased for your kiddos.

That’s where The Switch Witch comes in to play.

Who is the Switch Witch you ask? Well the Switch Witch is a good witch that visits your home on Halloween night, usually while the children sleep, and swaps all of the children’s Halloween candy (or a select amount) and leaves a toy in its place. She loves all sorts of sticky sweet treats and is a huge fan of high-fructose corn syrup! She take you sweets, sours and even your milky chocolate goodness if you will let her. In other words, she’s a lover of all things candy! And she wants your child’s—if they are willing to hand it over…All the details on The Switch Witch Here.


Check out the book and get your child on board.

If you become a switch witch, you can donate your candy at either studio and we’ll be sending it off to our troops.

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