The DEADLIEST Drinks at Starbucks!

YES…there are drinks at Starbucks that are DEADLY to your body and overall health. 

**Watch the video below to see which ones I’m talking about!**

So…what CAN you drink at Starbucks?

You’ll notice I didn’t say eat. Unfortunately most people who frequent Starbucks end up drinking a meal’s worth of calories and more than 3x the amount of sugar one should consume DAILY with just one beverage. Yikes! However, there IS a way to avoid all that sugar (and weight gain!) while still getting your caffeine fix. Watch the video below to learn more about Starbucks’ DEADLIEST DRINKS!

So what CAN you order at Starbucks that won’t send you back to the drawing board? The trick is in the selection! …I’ve scanned through their entire menu to seek out the healthiest beverages. Was it easy to do? Well, not exactly.

Here are the best Coffee options

Dark roast 0 calories, 0 sugar

Espresso shot 5 calories, 0 sugar

Espresso Macchiato 10 calories, 0 sugar

Espresso Con Panna (whipped cream) 30 calories,

Caffé Americano (espresso w/ hot water) 15 calories, 0 sugar

Iced Caffe Americano (same as above on Ice) 15 calories, 0 sugar

(For taste, bring your own Stevia packets)

Here are the best Tea options (all have 0 cal and 0 sugars)

Zen Tea

Awake Tea

Green Tea

Earl Gey

Passion (this is my favorite)

(For taste you can add Stevia packets and enjoy hot or cold)

These 2 should be a rare treat but they are far better than most beverages on their menu.

*Iced Skinny Mocha 100 calories, 8g sugar, 9g protein

*Iced Skinny Flavored Latte 80 calories, 10g sugar, 7g protein

Most drinks on the menu carry 200-400 calories and around 40-50g of sugar. There’s a lot more than just coffee here !

Lose the weight, keep it off, and feel great! Happy Drinking! 

Val Skinner

P.S…..If there’s anything I can do to help you with your health and weight loss goals, Id love to chat! Just e-mail me at or give me a call at 618-444-9913

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