I’m sure you’ve heard that you should  stretch after a workout, some of you may
have even heard that you should stretch before a workout.  You should stretch after your muscles are already warm due to increasing your blood circulation. Stretching can take place during
exercises such as yoga or pilates once you are already warm. It is also important to
make sure you stretch AFTER every workout. If you don’t stretch after a workout your
muscles will tighten up and lead to muscular fatigue and soreness, especially if you are new to a fitness routine.

It is recommended to do dynamic (active/ moving) stretching before you do your workout to
get your muscles properly warmed up and ready so you don’t injure yourself. Dynamic
stretches can include but not limited to, high knees, butt kickers, jump and jacks, walking
lunges, grapevine, squats, pushups, etc. It is completely okay to stretch during a workout as

The type of stretching you should do after a workout is static (stationary) stretching. Some
examples of static stretching are quadricep stretch, hamstring stretch, trunk rotation, shoulder
stretch, abdominal stretch, groin stretch and low back stretch. These are good for more
muscular cooldown and to prevent muscular fatigue and overall flexibility.

Static stretching is beneficial before you go to bed, after you wake up and when cooling down after a workout. It is also highly recommended to stretch when you get up in the morning. Doing this can help
you start you day with more energy and increase blood flow circulation. Stretching not only
helps with starting your day off right and reducing your risk for injury in the morning, it also can
help improve your concentration with the blood flow to your brain. Most people unconsciously
stretch either before they fall asleep, after they wake up, or both. There can be benefits to
stretching at all those times like to to help lower  back aches and pains which is very
abundant in Americans.

Stretching can improve the mind and body!

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