Should You Exercise While Pregnant?

Exercise while pregnant??

The question is, should you exercise while pregnant? Is it safe and if so, what type of exercise is best?

Of course, it’s a good idea to be cautious when you have another life growing inside you. That’s a mother’s instinct. The first thing you need to ask yourself is, “Have I been active before the pregnancy?” If the answer is No, then you don’t want to start into a full blown 6-day-a-week training program the minute you find out you’re pregnant. Your objectives and fitness goals should not be focused on weight loss or inches. Instead, you can focus on general health, mobility, and quality nutrition for yourself and the new child.

If you have been exercising with intensity up to becoming pregnant, it’s okay to keep that exercise intensity for the majority of your pregnancy. I would also recommend talking with your doctor about your activity level just so he/she is aware. Your goals will also change and you will need to consume a few hundred calories more each day to provide enough nutrients for the both of you.

We have had a successful history with expecting moms continuing with their boot camp sessions up to 6 or 7 months along. Once things become difficult with the extra frontal weight (6-9 months), you should begin to modify the type of exercises.


That’s exactly what we’ve done with nearly a dozen moms at boot camp. My client, Ashley, is going through the early stages now. It’s normal at the beginning to experience nausea for a week or two. Once it goes away you can participate fully for several months without changing anything.

When the body starts to show, it’s a good measure to reduce or eliminate the amount of abdominal work and lying directly on the belly. The calorie intake should also increase gradually as the baby grows.

I encourage Moms to continue eating healthy foods as they did before. After all, everyone wants a healthy baby. It’s far easier to shed the extra pounds off in the future if you take care of yourself during the 9 months of pregnancy.

If you have any questions regarding working out while pregnant or if our program is right for you before starting your family or having another child, let’s chat!

Happy Belated Mothers Day to all of you wonderful Moms out there!

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