Remember Your Fitness Routine On Vacation

Remember Your Fitness Routine on Vacation

If you worked your booty off–both figuratively and literally—during the last few months, don’t throw away all your hard work when you go on holiday. You need to remember your fitness routine on vacation. There are some easy ways to keep up the good work and stay fit, while still enjoying the time away from home. Not all progress has to be made at the gym. Here are some ideas to use at holiday time or all year around to stay in shape when you’re not at home, without cutting into your family time.

Plan something active.

This can be a great way to get the family involved and not miss a beat with your exercise program. Check out the location and see if there’s something you can do that will be fun for everyone, but still provide plenty of activity. Riding bikes through a local nature preserve, taking a hike or even going skiing, swimming or scuba diving might be a few of the activities everyone will enjoy. Sightseeing on foot is another great way to get your exercise and still not miss vacation time with the family.

Check out the hotel facilities.

Today, many hotels have workout facilities available. If you take a few minutes to find one before you go, you can get up early, workout and be ready for the day without skipping a beat. You’ll be able to stick with your exercise program and have the rest of the day with the family and lounge around without guilt. Sometimes just taking a few minutes to plan is all it takes. Ask your trainer for a routine that doesn’t require any equipment and workout in your room in the morning.

Don’t forget about eating healthy too.

Check out the restaurants in the area before you leave for your trip and plan your meals ahead. While you can get a healthy meal almost anywhere if you’re careful, it’s easier when you know the menu ahead of time. Many restaurants have an online menu…which also includes prices, so you won’t be surprised there. Remember, you can still eat some of the rich desserts, just don’t do it at every meal. Make an agreement with a spouse or family member to split a dessert so you get a few bites and they get the rest of it.

Watch out for alcohol. Those adorable umbrella drinks may be delicious, but they’re also packed with calories. If you want a drink, stick to one a day and go with water the rest of the time.

If you can’t get your entire workout, at least do some of it. Something is better than nothing. Maybe you workout an hour. On vacation, if you can get in at least a half hour, it’s better than nothing.

Spread out your workout time. Walking an hour at a brisk pace may be difficult to fit in, but doing 4 sessions of 15 minutes throughout the day or using exercise bands for a half hour in the room and hiking the rest of the hour might be a solution.

Have fun. No matter what you do to stay active, enjoy it. Take a dip in the pool and splash with the kids, enjoy a long walk in a petting zoo or go hiking through a wildlife preserve. Even hike window shopping at a huge mall can be a great exercise, especially if you enjoy it.

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