Never Too Old To Workout

Never Too Old to Workout

Don’t let age stop you from getting the exercise you need to stay vital. You’re never too old to workout. Age is a number, not a sentence to inactivity. In fact, the older you are, the more a program of exercise can help you look and feel younger. Many of the problems of aging occur because of inactivity. The body was meant to move and be active. You don’t wear out, but you do rust out after long periods of inactivity. The older you get, the less time it takes to lose muscle mass, so staying active is important. Doing it right is just as important.

Exercise can help eliminate aches and pains.

It might sound like double talk, but it’s true. I know you sometimes have sore muscles after you workout, but it’s different than the chronic joint and back pain. Using the right warm up can limit the muscle aches and pains, while knowing the right way to do each exercise limits the potential of injury. Improving circulation and getting the body moving can help reduce pain and make movement easier.

Knowing the right types of exercise for your body is important.

Not everyone should be lifting weights, nor should everyone jog or do other types of exercises that cause pounding injuries to the joints. There are exercises for every body type and condition, however. Staying fit means staying active and I can help you find the best ways to do that to relieve pain as you’re getting back into shape.

You need a program created especially for you.

The older you become, the more important help from a personal trainer becomes, too. I not only assess your level of fitness, I identify weaker muscle groups that cause imbalance in the body and help to correct the problem. Special needs, such as back problems, make it important to modify the workout. Knowing how much effort, the type of exercises to use and the proper form are all important to making your exercise program successful and get you fit as quick as possible.

You’ll be amazed at how much your energy level will grow the more you exercise. You’ll feel years younger after just a few months.

You’ll improve your balance to help avoid falls and your flexibility to prevent injury from doing daily tasks and simple movements.

You’ll see dramatic improvements in other areas of health. A program of regular exercise can lower blood pressure, help control blood sugar levels and stop or reverse bone loss that occurs with osteoporosis.

Your mood will get better every time you workout. Exercise burns off the hormones created by stress and stimulates the brain to create ones that make you feel good.

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