Lost Motivation? Check out our favorite tips to find it again!

Getting back into your workout routine can be intimidating. We often feel guilty that we’ve taken time off or we hesitate to start again because we know how hard the work that needs to be done is. The truth is, we all fall off sometimes, the most important thing is getting started again. You need a plan, a simple one. These are my favorite tips to get started again.

1. Reach out to a trainer. It is your trainers job to help and support you. Plus, if you reach out, you are putting them in charge. If you have a trainer or accountability partner you are less likely to miss your next sweat session.

2.Think of your “why”, your BIG why. Thinking about swimsuit season can be motivating but only for a short time. Spend some time thinking about why you really want to get healthy. Is it to be stronger, have more energy, have a longer life with loved ones? That’s the stuff that will keep you motivated. If I think of heading to the gym or heading to the doctor (high blood pressure, diabetes) I’ll pick the gym every time.

3.Set a new goal. Think about when you started working out, wasn’t it exciting? You could feel and see all these positive changes happening. After time working out just becomes a habit (which is a good thing) but sometimes we need to make it exciting again. Setting a new goal is great for that.

4.Write your goal everywhere. Put it on post-its in the car, office, and fridge. Seeing a constant reminder will help keep you motivated to hit those goals.
Remember, you are worth it! So what, you lost motivation, you can find it again. You are strong and have everything it takes to keep your body in the best shape it can be in. You’ve done it before and can do it again.

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