Keeping Your Health in Check Over the Holiday Weekend

It’s Memorial Day weekend, the official start of Summer for most of us. If you’re in boot camp working your tail off, don’t jeopardize it over the weekend! You can still have a good time while eating healthy and staying active. Here are our tips for helping you do just that:

  1. Go outside and play! The weather is supposed to be gorgeous over the weekend so take advantage of it by getting outside for a quick run or family walk. You can grab the kiddos and play catch, tag, Frisbee, soccer or bike rides.
  2. If you’re headed to a barbecue, plan before you go. Find a healthy recipe that you know you can enjoy and others will too. And, before you fill up your plate, take an inventory of what is there before hand so you know what choices you can make before you get there.
  3. Drink a big glass of water before you eat. It will help keep you full and satisfied to avoid over eating and snacking.
  4. Drink waters or unsweetened teas instead of alcohol. Boost their flavor with fresh fruit, veggies like cucumbers and herbs like mint and basil. Calories in mixed drinks can add up very quickly and sabotage what you’ve been working on so hard here in the studio.
  5. Be a wise snacker. You can bring healthy snacks with you like raw, unsalted almonds, fresh fruit, protein bars, mozzarella sticks, greek yogurt (without added fruit) and more.

So go out and have a great holiday weekend! Just remember the choices you make can make a huge difference on the scale. Keep your goal in mind and ask yourself if this one moment of eating a particular food or indulging in a specific alcoholic beverage is more important than what you want to achieve. If the answer is no, then you are on your way to better and long-lasting health. You can do this!

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