How To Avoid The Sweet Tooth


If you were to ask anyone embarking on a weight loss program what is one of the hardest challenges that they face, they will probably tell you that one of their hardest challenges is avoiding their sweet tooth.

Some people want to lose weight, but they can't envision a life without a cookie, a piece of cake or even those favorite chocolates. Some people love the sugary candies of their youth. Some people are ice cream fanatics. No matter what attracts individuals, it's hard to resist those sugary sweet treats.

So, how can these individuals manage their weight loss programs, and avoid their sweet tooth cravings at the same time? The best method of managing this issue is to learn how to the taste buds. Quitting sweets cold turkey isn't always the best way to manage the sweet tooth. Often times, when someone is told that they can't have something, they'll crave the "forbidden" sweet even more. This is why after a week or two on a weight loss program, an individual will run to their nearest grocery or convenience store, and gourge themselves on all things sweet. Whether they binge in the car or at home, they'll enjoy it at the time. However, when the indulgent binge is over, they'll feel guilty, inept and defeated. Unfortunately, this is the phase in which many people end their weight loss programs.

To avoid the cycle of yo-yo dieting due to sweet tooth cravings, it's best to make small adjustments. It's impossible to get rid of a sweet tooth all together, but it an be managed. For example, an individual can start to eat fruit. Fruits are naturally sweet and can often satisfy that immediate need for sugar. Another option is to try unsweetened fruit pops that can also help with sweet tooth cravings. In time, as the body learns to crave natural forms of sweets, an individual will lose their taste for other fattening forms of sweets. Today, many weight loss coaches are teaching individuals that they can still indulge in some foods — in moderation because total denial leads to binging. Smaller portions of sweets can give someone something to look forward to. They won't have strong cravings that lead to binging, because they aren't denying themselves. And the best part? They will still be able to lose weight.

Finally, while an individual can make healthy substitutions and occasionally give in to small portions of sweets, they must use a little will-power. It's helpful for individuals to remain focused on their weight loss goals. The habit of exercise and eating healthy is enough to make most people turn away from sweets.

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