Get Your “Active” Back

Get Your "Active" Back

If you are tired all the time and feel like everything is an effort, you can get your “active” back by working harder. No, I’m not talking about spending an extra hour at the office or putting in overtime. I’m talking about starting a program of exercise, which is hard and tiring at first, but in a few short weeks puts bounce in your step and energy in your life. You may work harder at first, but the end results will help you get and stay more active.

Start where you’re at right now.

Don’t expect to run the three minute mile initially, you need to start where you’re at right now, otherwise you’ll face frustration, disappointment and maybe even injury from improper form. That’s one reason many people use personal training. They know the trainer can create a program designed for their present shape and help them reach a fitter, more active goal. I create individualized programs that grow in difficulty as your level of fitness improves.

Eat healthier to get the most nutrients and the least number of calories.

You’ll never get your active back if you’re body is constantly riding a wave of sugar highs and lows. Eating healthy is more than just avoiding sugar, it’s all about making smarter choices when it comes to food. Consider one small, but important change, having healthy snacks ready for mid-morning and mid-afternoon. You’ll be eating healthy and not nearly as likely to raid the candy machine or stop at a gas station on the way home to recharge at the snack counter, plus you’ll be boosting your energy in the process.

After a few weeks of working out, you’ll notice far more energy.

You won’t be dragging at the end of the work day or need to rest after doing half the housework. You’ll actually zip through normal tasks faster when you’re fitter and have some time to spare. You’ll not only have your “active” back, you’ll have a whole new lease on life that will help you conquer more areas and climb to higher peaks than you’ve been able to do in a long time. You’ll feel young again.

While you’re getting your active back, you’ll notice a change in everything about your body. Your complexion will look better, you’ll be slimmer and you’ll feel fantastic.

Exercise also burns off the hormones from stress. Those hormones can make you feel uneasy and even drain you of energy.

You’ll sleep better at night when you exercise. That’s a boost to becoming more active.

You’ll have renewed confidence along with the renewed energy. You’ll walk taller and look better and others will notice.

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