Get Off The Weight Loss Roller Coaster!

Does this sound familiar?

You spend a couple of weeks eating clean, exercising and losing weight, but then you hop back on the roller coaster and you spend the next week or two indulging in your old unhealthy habits again.

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After enough chubby days you’ll get back to your clean habits, and so the yo-yo goes.

It’s time to stop this vicious cycle that never brings you all the way to your goal – keeping you comfortable enough, yet frustrated.

The good news is that your yo-yo days could be quickly and permanently turned off with this simple mindset change. Are you ready for it? Here it is….

>>> Find your reward in the PROCESS, not in the results.

BOOM. Mind blown, right 😉

When it comes to weight loss, we’ve been brainwashed to focus all of our efforts on the “results“. Your desired result is the ideal body that you dream to have – it’s your reason for passing on dessert and the image you hold in your mind as you toil through burpees and mountain climbers.

News flash: If you only find reward in the results, you’re likely to fail.


Think about it. Results are abstract.

Oh sure, you can picture it in your mind with crystal clarity, but what reach does that image have on you when you’re lured into the drive thru?

Let’s face it – future results are easy to lose focus on.

Image that your goal is to swim across a lake over to a tree on the opposite side. That tree becomes your ultimate goal and destination. Now imagine yourself swimming towards it, taking one stroke after another and mentally measuring the distance between you and your destination. Your legs are doing kicking motion, you push your body forward with every stroke, your heart races, but the other shore still seems very far away…

What thoughts are running through your mind? How do you feel? Tired? Frustrated?

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This is how you feel when you try to achieve long-term goals and focus purely on the end result. You will be eager to start with, but when you don’t see immediate results you’ll begin to feel overwhelmed, tired and frustrated.

The main reason is – we focus on the wrong thing!

If you focus on the end result, then every second you don’t have your goal feels like failure. Focusing on the end result is a sure-fire way to slowly kill your motivation and make you believe that your goals are too hard to achieve.

Fortunately there is a different, wiser approach to Goal Setting!

Just Focus on The Process!

The “Process” is the act of working toward your goal – your meal plan, your exercise routine and your healthy life style choices.

If you had a map of where you are today (blue dot) and where you’ll be when you reach your goal (red dot) the process is that black line connecting the two.

Sure, you still need to figure out what your end goal is, but it should serve as more of a lighthouse that directs your actions and keeps you on the right track.

In the case of our swimming metaphor, picture yourself focusing on the process as you swim. Enjoying the water…the way your body feels and moves…the sunshine on your skin. Once in a while glance up at the tree to adjust your course and switch your attention back to swimming.

SEE! 100% frustration becomes 100% enjoyment.

So forget about counting calories and starving yourself on fad diets. Go on a quest for healthy eating and enjoy strengthening your body every day. Educate yourself on toxic, disease-promoting ingredients that companies add to their products to increase shelf life and boost flavor. Explore news ways to stay active and interesting foods you have yet to try. Have fun, get outside, take a walk, go dancing or invite a friend to come join you for one of our workouts. THEN weigh yourself at the end of the week and see the real difference!

Remember to Always Find Reward in the Process. Make a new habit of feeling rewarded after every day on your chosen path.

Completing your diet and exercise each day needs to become its own reward. Look down and applaud yourself for each step forward.

When you find reward in the process, the results will take care of themselves.

At the Fast Fitness HQ, we’re passionate about helping others find their way to a healthy lifestyle.

Call or email today and I’ll get you started on an exercise & nutrition program that will turn the process into a fun and rewarding adventure!

Have a GREAT day!
Val, Chad & The FFBC Team

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