“Food” for Thought

Have you eaten dinner with your family this week? Like really took the time and sat down with your family for an entire meal with no other distractions going on? Well it’s about time you did!

The concept of a “family dinner” has changed over the years, but it is more vital than ever to take the time and schedule a sit down meal with your family a couple times a week (the ideal amount of times eating together would be five times a week).

Now more than ever, society is in a constant state of let’s do everything “now” and “faster”. These mind sets are the main cause of families not coming together for their daily meals. As mentioned in previous posts, the concept of bringing in the TV to each dinner is just as distracting as not eating together. Families are not talking with one another and not making the connections and memories that their children need to foster a successful future.

Family meals, experts say from various universities, also offer parents a stable and expected environment for their children to look forward to. This gives the children of the house a welcoming and positive setting to base their life off of. As well, it offers the parents an opportunity to make sure their children are getting the right physical and mental health benefits to stay healthy in their adolescents.

You can also involve your kids in making the meals. Giving them a “responsibility” during the cooking processes helps give them ownership in the meals and teaches them how to use the kitchen as well. If you find that you don’t always have time to cook, check out other healthy meals alternatives that your whole family will enjoy.

In the end, take the time to sit down with your family multiple times a week and the benefits will show before you know it! Make the change for better future!

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