Exercise Leads to Better Sleep

The Annual Sleep in America poll was taken in 2013 and results showed that adults ranging from 23-60 years of age had a better night’s sleep when they exercised.

The study split up 1,000 adults ranging from 23-60 years old into four groups of exercise: vigorous, moderate, light, and no activity. Research revealed that those who particpated in exercise in general had a better quality night’s sleep than those who did not, although they averaged about the same amount of sleep per night.

Vigorous, moderate, and light exercisers were prone to say “I had a good night’s sleep” almost every night than non-exercisers (67% vs. 39%). Over three-quarters of exercisers (76%-83%) stated in the last two weeks their sleep quality was fairly good or very good, compared to the little over one-half of non-exercisers (56%).

Max Hirshkowitz, a chairman of the poll, stated that he does not believe good sleep drives us to be involved in exercise, rather he thinks it is exercising that promotes a better quality of sleep. Exercisers were recorded to have less symptoms of a bad night’s sleep or have insomnia. Non-exercisers exhibited symptoms of “sleepiness” throughout the day after their night’s sleep. So get going, get active, and you will be sure to sleep tight!

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