Enjoy Vacation and Never Gain a Pound!


Vacations are a time to get away from the grind of everyday life – to indulge mind and body in relaxation and enjoyment. Although this break is much deserved, I must warn you!

All that relaxing and indulgence typically leads to a pound gained for each day that you’re away. YIKES!

Hi, I’m Valerie Skinner, Fitness and Fat Loss Expert for Edwardsville & O’Fallon

To help you combat these unwanted pounds, I’ve identified the reasons that people gain weight on vacation, as well as your strategic plan to avoid it!

It’s that time of year we all make plans to get away and enjoy ourselves. It’s a very important part of relaxing, reflecting, and enjoying the moment.

While you’re doing that, I want to give you some tips that have helped me keep the exact same weight or even lose a little while on vacation. Sounds impossible right?  Well give it a chance to see what you can do while still soaking up the sun and taking time to enjoy yourself!

Tip #1: Having A Plan

Your best line of defense is to keep your fitness goals at the forefront of your mind. Chad and I travel and teach at resorts every year so we KNOW there are AMAZING trainers to help keep you on track while on vacation! Yoga on the Beach is better than nothing, so check our the gym and see what classes are available when you arrive to your destination! Most all-inclusive resorts offer tons of free classes and Personal Training. Some even have free tennis, snorkeling, wind surfing or paddle boarding lessons. How fun!

Set the goal of getting at least a half an hour of activity! It doesn’t have to be in the gym either. Run the beach, play some pool volleyball, do some snorkeling or jump into a free fitness class.

Tip #2: Indulgent Snacking

All Inclusive Restuarant

There’s nothing like a vacation to cause you to throw all caution to the wind with indulgent snacking.

Ice cream in the middle of the day, frozen coffee drinks topped with whipped cream, salty bags of chips and even a visit through a fast food drive thru.

While these snacks may be fun, the damage will quickly catch up to you. If you really must have a sweet treat, then make it small and follow it up with a balanced, protein-filled meal or bring along your own healthy options.

Fresh fruit, unsalted nuts, health bars, cut veggies and low fat jerky are a good start.

By filling up on these healthy snacks you will end up eating less when presented with a sweet or salty treat. PLAN AHEAD and set yourself up for success. You’ll be happy you did when you return home.

Remember Portion Control

You have no choice but to dine out while on vacation and whether you’re visiting 5 star restaurants or fast food diners, you’re going to face the same problem: large portions.

While the easiest thing to do with a big plate of food is to simply eat it all—you are on vacation after all…right?—that isn’t the best for your waist or your long-term goals. Decide here and now that you will not indulge in large portions.

Reason #5: Alcohol, Alcohol, Alcohol! 

Fruit Water

Let’s face it, most of us like to relax and unwind on vacation with a glass of wine or cocktail. One thing is for certain though….alcohol hinders fat loss and is typically consumed at massive levels while vacationing!

Try this refreshing idea… in between your Alcoholic drinks you can really enjoy a variety or FRUIT INFUSED WATER. If your vacation destination has these then you’re in for a treat. Otherwise, you can easily make your own delicious fruit infused water and keep it nice and cold. Have this all day or in between your alcoholic drinks. Keep this handy trick in mind for your upcoming vacation!!

Alcohol supplies only empty calories: calories without nutrition. To make matters worse, it is the first fuel to be used when combined with carbohydrates, fats and proteins, postponing the fat-burning process and contributing to greater fat storage.

Your Plan: Set a drink limit for yourself and stick with it!

Remind yourself that your long-term goals (reaching your dream body) are more important than any short-term, instant gratifications (getting your DRINK on).

The last thing you want is to completely blow all the hard work you did in the last few months with a few nights of heavy drinking.

We realize that alcohol is a social facilitator, so if you’re drinking try to stick with a dry red wine or hard liquor such as scotch, vodka, whiskey or gin with sugar-free mixers. This means no juice, tonic water or soda! Try drinks like a flavored vodka with a lemon and club soda and keep it to a minimum! That way when you come back from vacation you won’t have to start back at the beginning.

vacation activities

Do A Little Activity Every Morning or Evening

Your Plan: Look at vacation activities or workouts as a treat, and make it a priority. Do your research and see what’s available to you.

Here are some ideas if there are no classes are offered to you:

  • Vacations are also a great time to take your workout outdoors; take a run on the beach or do sprints, pushups and crunches on a grassy field.
  • Make a conscious effort to be active everyday. Go on a brisk walk after your day’s activities. This is a great way to see a new city, and also a great way to burn off extra calories. Take the stairs instead of elevator in your hotel and any other buildings you visit.
  • Virtually every hotel these days has some type of workout room equipped with cardio machines, dumbbells and a universal machine, so make good use out of it. Ask the trainers for workout you can do while you’re away! We have TONS ready for ya 🙂
  • Go on a short jog in the mornings or evenings of your stay. If your hotel has a pool, swim a few laps each morning or evening.

Enjoy your vacation! And if you need a boost to get yourself looking great for that upcoming vacation, then then give us a call or email for a fitness and fat loss consultation and I’ll show you a step-by-step plan for getting you the beach body that you deserve – it’s easier than you think!

-Committed to YOUR success!

Valerie and the FFBC Team

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