Eat like your trainer!

Okay folks, lets take a look at a typical day for me. I eat bread, pasta, candy, snacks, soda, and more…Just Kidding!!

Step it up – Eat Like a Trainer and Rock that Bod.


Here is what I usually eat:

Breakfast: Protein Bar and berries

Snack: Plain Yogurt and fruit

Lunch: Left over dinner or a turkey lettuce wrap

Snack: Munch on small bag of fresh veggies with dip or maybe an Isagenix protein shake

Dinner: One or two lean pieces of meat (cooked so many ways) and a half plate of cooked vegetables


"You are worth more than those empty calories, eat your way to VICTORY"

-Madalene (boot camper)

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  1. Crystal

    Crystal December 26, 2012 at 6:56 pm | | Reply

    I have never worked out ever but I have been inspired bye the storys I would love to loose weight as well as get in to shape and energy I’m 34 years old and I would love to join .do I just come in or Is their a specific time of classes I should come in on I’m not sure ? Also what class is less people am or pm prefer smaller group untill I get the hang of it lol thanks crystal

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