Change your habits, reach your goals!

Everyone is talking about New Years Resolutions and goals, but how do you make sure to stick to those resolutions and hit those goals. Change your HABITS!

Your life today is essentially the sum of your habits. How in shape are you? A result of your habits. How happy or unhappy are you? A result of your habits. How successful are you? A result of your habits.

So, great habits lead to a great life. How can we change our habits? It really takes making a plan. I know it’s easy to think you can just will yourself to new habits, but turns out our will power is not that great. Set yourself up with a great framework to start changing your habits today!

The 3 R’s of habit formation:

  1. REMINDER – The cue or trigger that starts the habit.
  2. ROUTINE – The action you take.
  3. REWARD – The benefit you get from doing the habit.

For example, think about driving your car. The reminder is that the light turns green, the routine is that you drive through the intersection, and the reward is that you are closer to your destination. That is so ingrained in us that we don’t think of it as a habit, but it is. I want you to start with something that simple.

I’ll share my personal example. I wanted to start my day with water instead of coffee. So instead of setting the timer on my old coffee pot, I got out the Kurig and put a glass right next to it. Now instead of waking up to coffee, I have to pause, push the button and wait the 60 secs it takes to make my coffee. The glass is my reminder. Every time I go to make my morning coffee I see the glass and it triggers me to drink my water. I mean, I’m standing there anyway waiting for the coffee to brew. Think of an easy reminder, the glass is mine. My routine is drinking the water and my reward is that my pee doesn’t stink. 🙂 And a whole lot of other health benefits that come from staying hydrated!

I would love to hear what new habits you want to start in 2017! What will your reminder be? Share in the comments!

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