Chad’s Favorite Things

Today, I thought I’d let you learn a little bit more about me. I sat down with my intern and answered his questions about me. Maybe some of these will surprise you, maybe some won’t and maybe some are ones you can agree with as well. Let me know some of your favorite things at the end of this blog!

  1. Favorite Fitness AppMy Fitness Pal “Easy to use. Popular. Free!”
  2. Favorite Running Shoe – Bold Colored Shoes! Everyone typically notices my wide range of colors I wear to sessions. Brands I use are all over the place.
  3. Favorite Protein Powder – Isagenix Chocolate Flavor “Delicious! Best Shake Available”
  4. Favorite Pre-Workout Food – Snacking is essential for me since my workout times are always different. Fruit or shakes are best solution for me.
  5. Favorite Post-Workout Food – Water actually. Like to re-hydrate more than anything. If I need something solid to eat, I go for fruit.
  6. Favorite Exercise Tool – Foam Roller. Works out so many different injuries with less time and cost on you. Relief instantly for any problem.
  7. Favorite Core Workout – My 180 Trainer DVD that is given out for FREE on my website. (Just send me your email and I’ll give you instant access!
  8. Favorite Cardio Workout – Any type of bike riding is my choice.
  9. Favorite Strength Workout25 & Younger Workout that can be seen on our YouTube or Facebook pages.
  10. Favorite “Cheat Food” – Anything chocolate! Nothing beats it.
  11. Favorite Alcoholic Beverage – Budweiser Products are my guilty pleasure.
  12. Favorite Fitness Brand – Nike Dry Fit. They are lightweight and comfortable during any workout.
  13. Favorite Blender/Mixer – The Bullets are an easy way to take a shake/smoothie with me on the go and make smaller, personal proportions for my needs.
  14. Favorite Vacation Exercise – Run on the beach and swim in the ocean. Nothing is better than taking in that ocean breeze.
  15. Favorite Milk Type – Original Almond Milk. Way better for your health and fitness goals. Plus, taste great.
  16. Favorite Snack Food – Quest Bars. These protein bars have the best ingredients in them without all the fillers that counter your fitness goals.


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