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Get More Out Of Your Workouts

Get More Out Of Your Workouts

Do you ever wonder how you can get more out of your workouts? How you can burn more calories and feel strong even on those extra tough days at the gym? 

The answer is simple, EAT before you workout. It’s so important to eat something before your workout, yes, even your early morning gym goers. There are 3 main reasons: First when you workout on an empty stomach your blood sugar is low and can cause a light-headed feeling. Secondly, food is fuel. Eat something before you workout and it will give your metabolism a kickstart! And lastly, while the research shows you will burn the same amount of fat rather your eat or not before a workout, you can lose muscle by not eating. When your hungry your body goes into survival mode, and draws protein from the muscles instead of it’s normal source, the liver and kidneys. The more lean muscle you have the faster you burn fat. So, eat up and then enjoy your workout. 

If food is fuel, get premium! Fuel your body with things that will help it, and not hurt it. Here are our idea’s for a pre-workout meal. 

Granny Smiths w/Almond Butter

Protein Shake



Sweet Potato


Greek Yogurt

Protein/Nut Bar (5 grams of sugar or less)

4 Tips for Eating Clean

Hey guys! Chad here. My goal is to not only help you get that fat-burning work-out it, but it’s also to help you get your nutrition on track to maximize your weight loss and really, just feel better and get more energy.

Watch this video for 4 easy tips to eating clean. These will help you create a plan that you can easily follow every day!

After you watch this video, let me know if you have questions or comments below. I’d love to hear from you!