When Exercise Adds Pounds

It is common knowledge that exercise burns calories and helps you to shed extra pounds. Armed with this knowledge, many people think that losing weight should be easy with enough exercise. You may take this as bad news, but the truth is that for those who aren’t used to exercising and are out of shape, […]

How To Visualize Your Dream Body

How many times have you wondered, “Man, I’m busting my tail…I just want to get to my goal!” What if you could visualize that you were already at your goal weight? What if you could “see” what your image looked like and believed that you were there already? How would that affect what you eat, […]

Sweet Tooth Sabotage

Sugars are very addictive and harmful to your body. We want you to have a better concept of what happens when you eat too much. This way you’ll know why it’s important to make better choices. After watching the video and learning new things to eat, please comment below and let us know how you’re […]

Eating Out Guide

As warmer weather arrives, it’s tempting to want to go out to your favorite restaurant, kick back, order something because you “haven’t had it in awhile”. grab a few higher caloric, carb-filled beverages and go about your business. The problem with this is the regret (and the upset stomach) that you may have later. To […]

4 Tips for Eating Clean

Hey guys! Chad here. My goal is to not only help you get that fat-burning work-out it, but it’s also to help you get your nutrition on track to maximize your weight loss and really, just feel better and get more energy. Watch this video for 4 easy tips to eating clean. These will help […]