Have You Ever Wanted A Private Chef?

Everyone I talk to wishes they had their own 👩‍🍳Private Chef! 👩‍🍳 so they didn’t have to mess with cooking at home or going out to eat all the time.   Well, here’s 2 great ways to have Chef quality meals without hiring a personal chef every night.   Unless you’re an “A” celebrity that is.   Clean […]



I’m sure you’ve heard that you should  stretch after a workout, some of you may have even heard that you should stretch before a workout.  You should stretch after your muscles are already warm due to increasing your blood circulation. Stretching can take place during exercises such as yoga or pilates once you are already […]

What's Your Favorite Fitness App

What’s Your Favorite Fitness App

Everyone seems to have a favorite app when it comes to fitness. Your favorite fitness app may be as simple as counting your calories or far more complex. Apps approach a wide variety of fitness needs and are becoming more prevalent as a partner to help you achieve your best. There are apps that estimate […]

Let's Rock 2017 Together

Let’s Rock 2017 Together

When you’re working out alone, it can be cumbersome, boring and lack motivation. That’s why you should have the benefit of others to help you get into shape. Working out with someone else, whether it’s a workout partner or personal trainer, makes it more enjoyable. That’s why I tell all my clients we can rock […]

Negative Impact Of Soda

Negative Impact Of Soda

If you’re rinsing down a healthy meal with a bottle of soda, you’re probably wondering why you aren’t losing weight or even feeling better. You’re forgetting the negative impact of soda, not only on your weight loss program, but also on your overall healthy eating. Even diet soda doesn’t help. It still impacts your health […]

Two women with gym bags

Upgrade your Fitness Gear!

Holiday cash burning a hole in your pocket? Now is the time to buy some new fitness gear! Rather you are a total newbie starting fresh in the new year or a veteran, stock your gym bag up now with great gear to enhance your workout and look good while getting fit. 2017 is going […]

No excuses November!

No excuses November!

The holidays are here, it’s the most wonderful time of the year, but it’s also a season of excuses.  It’s never difficult to make excuses for why you can’t do something, but add in the hustle and bustle of the holiday season and we can make an excuse for everything. But, what does that get […]