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Make Fitness Your Lifestyle

Make Fitness Your Lifestyle

%image_alt%You can make fitness your lifestyle and watch how much improvement you see in your energy level and over all good health. Making any type of lifestyle change involves doing it over and over until it becomes a habit. We do it all the time. Monday night is pizza night, Tuesday is the night you watch your favorite shows. Wednesday is laundry night and etc. You have ingrained patterns that form your lifestyle. You can live happier, slimmer and even healthier when you make fitness a lifestyle change.

Fitness is both eating healthy and working out.

Fitness is a pretty broad category. It’s more than just watching what you eat, although that’s part of it. It’s more than just working out, even though that’s part of it too. It encompasses both these things and others, such as getting the right amount of sleep and learning to focus on the positive in life. You have to start somewhere and starting with healthy eating and working out is the easiest.

Exercising on a regular basis provides many benefits for your health.

Anyone who works out knows that exercise builds muscle tissue and burns calories, making it easier to shed extra pounds and have more energy. It also can help keep your blood pressure in check, while helping to avoid serious conditions, such as diabetes, heart disease and even some forms of cancer. It stimulates the brain to create antioxidants, which in turn protect the cells. That means it also can slow the aging process, which is nothing more than cell damage and death.

Eating healthy doesn’t mean dieting.

Sometimes dieting isn’t good for you. Harsh super low calorie diets put you into starvation mode, slowing the metabolism and damaging your body if on them too long. Dieting always ends, too. Healthy eating means making smarter choices when it comes to food. Eating whole grain rice instead of white rice is one of them and a simple change that you won’t even notice. When you add all the small changes together, you’ll have a healthy diet that will keep you trim for the rest of your life and can help prevent illnesses and serious health conditions.

You’ll improve your sleeping habits when you workout regularly. Exercise helps you get a better night’s sleep.

You’ll also improve your attitude with a good workout program. Working out burns off the hormones created by stress and replaces them with ones that make you feel good.

Once you make a healthy lifestyle change, you won’t have to think about it, you’ll just do it. It becomes automatic.

You’ll find that eating healthier actually tastes better than the food you used to love, but it doesn’t mean you have to give up your favorites for the rest of your life. It just means you won’t eat them all the time.

The Switch Witch

The Switch Witch

Trick-or-Treating is this weekend, and if your kids are like mine, this is not a one time event. They have class parties, trunk-or-treat events, parades, and then one night of actual trick-or-treating. Add those events up and multiply by three kids and you’ve got a truckload of candy.

I don’t need a truckload of candy sitting around my house and I’m sure you don’t either. But, who wants to be the meanest mom ever (actually sometimes I really do) and toss all of the candy. It starts crying fits and you feel wasteful throwing out candy that people have purchased for your kiddos.

That’s where The Switch Witch comes in to play.

Who is the Switch Witch you ask? Well the Switch Witch is a good witch that visits your home on Halloween night, usually while the children sleep, and swaps all of the children’s Halloween candy (or a select amount) and leaves a toy in its place. She loves all sorts of sticky sweet treats and is a huge fan of high-fructose corn syrup! She take you sweets, sours and even your milky chocolate goodness if you will let her. In other words, she’s a lover of all things candy! And she wants your child’s—if they are willing to hand it over…All the details on The Switch Witch Here.


Check out the book and get your child on board.

If you become a switch witch, you can donate your candy at either studio and we’ll be sending it off to our troops.

Never Too Old To Workout

Never Too Old To Workout

Never Too Old to Workout

Don’t let age stop you from getting the exercise you need to stay vital. You’re never too old to workout. Age is a number, not a sentence to inactivity. In fact, the older you are, the more a program of exercise can help you look and feel younger. Many of the problems of aging occur because of inactivity. The body was meant to move and be active. You don’t wear out, but you do rust out after long periods of inactivity. The older you get, the less time it takes to lose muscle mass, so staying active is important. Doing it right is just as important.

Exercise can help eliminate aches and pains.

It might sound like double talk, but it’s true. I know you sometimes have sore muscles after you workout, but it’s different than the chronic joint and back pain. Using the right warm up can limit the muscle aches and pains, while knowing the right way to do each exercise limits the potential of injury. Improving circulation and getting the body moving can help reduce pain and make movement easier.

Knowing the right types of exercise for your body is important.

Not everyone should be lifting weights, nor should everyone jog or do other types of exercises that cause pounding injuries to the joints. There are exercises for every body type and condition, however. Staying fit means staying active and I can help you find the best ways to do that to relieve pain as you’re getting back into shape.

You need a program created especially for you.

The older you become, the more important help from a personal trainer becomes, too. I not only assess your level of fitness, I identify weaker muscle groups that cause imbalance in the body and help to correct the problem. Special needs, such as back problems, make it important to modify the workout. Knowing how much effort, the type of exercises to use and the proper form are all important to making your exercise program successful and get you fit as quick as possible.

You’ll be amazed at how much your energy level will grow the more you exercise. You’ll feel years younger after just a few months.

You’ll improve your balance to help avoid falls and your flexibility to prevent injury from doing daily tasks and simple movements.

You’ll see dramatic improvements in other areas of health. A program of regular exercise can lower blood pressure, help control blood sugar levels and stop or reverse bone loss that occurs with osteoporosis.

Your mood will get better every time you workout. Exercise burns off the hormones created by stress and stimulates the brain to create ones that make you feel good.

Get Your "Active" Back

Get Your “Active” Back

Get Your "Active" Back

If you are tired all the time and feel like everything is an effort, you can get your “active” back by working harder. No, I’m not talking about spending an extra hour at the office or putting in overtime. I’m talking about starting a program of exercise, which is hard and tiring at first, but in a few short weeks puts bounce in your step and energy in your life. You may work harder at first, but the end results will help you get and stay more active.

Start where you’re at right now.

Don’t expect to run the three minute mile initially, you need to start where you’re at right now, otherwise you’ll face frustration, disappointment and maybe even injury from improper form. That’s one reason many people use personal training. They know the trainer can create a program designed for their present shape and help them reach a fitter, more active goal. I create individualized programs that grow in difficulty as your level of fitness improves.

Eat healthier to get the most nutrients and the least number of calories.

You’ll never get your active back if you’re body is constantly riding a wave of sugar highs and lows. Eating healthy is more than just avoiding sugar, it’s all about making smarter choices when it comes to food. Consider one small, but important change, having healthy snacks ready for mid-morning and mid-afternoon. You’ll be eating healthy and not nearly as likely to raid the candy machine or stop at a gas station on the way home to recharge at the snack counter, plus you’ll be boosting your energy in the process.

After a few weeks of working out, you’ll notice far more energy.

You won’t be dragging at the end of the work day or need to rest after doing half the housework. You’ll actually zip through normal tasks faster when you’re fitter and have some time to spare. You’ll not only have your “active” back, you’ll have a whole new lease on life that will help you conquer more areas and climb to higher peaks than you’ve been able to do in a long time. You’ll feel young again.

While you’re getting your active back, you’ll notice a change in everything about your body. Your complexion will look better, you’ll be slimmer and you’ll feel fantastic.

Exercise also burns off the hormones from stress. Those hormones can make you feel uneasy and even drain you of energy.

You’ll sleep better at night when you exercise. That’s a boost to becoming more active.

You’ll have renewed confidence along with the renewed energy. You’ll walk taller and look better and others will notice.

Get Your Life Back

Get Your Life Back

Get Your Life Back

No matter what your fitness problem, there’s always a way to get your life back and take control. You just have to set your mind to the task and start. I’m always available to help you find the best solution, whether it’s changing your workout or beginning one, there’s always an answer. You can make the difference in your own future by working as hard as possible, taking a deep breath and working a little harder.

Losing weight can be challenging, but you can change all that with a positive attitude and the right mindset.

I’ve had many people that feel like they’re being punished when they go on a diet. They start out good, sticking closely to the game plan. Then the feeling of being deprived starts becoming overpowering. Before you know it they’re looking for a stash of chips or stopping at a convenience store to buy snacks. It’s all about your mind set. Rather than starting a diet, start making small changes in the way you eat. Carry healthy snacks with you for mid morning and afternoon, so when you do feel hungry, you’ll have something healthy on hand. Make it a game to find ways to save calories and don’t think of healthy eating as a diet.

Learn from your mistakes.

Rather than constantly chastising yourself for getting out of shape or overweight, congratulate yourself on starting a program to change it. Don’t grumble the “if only” song of woe about the past and how you would change it. You have an opportunity to change it now and take charge of your life. Grumbling won’t change anything, action will.

Set a goal and the steps you’ll take to achieve it.

Whether it’s fitness, your job, your living conditions or any other part of your life, setting a goal to change the situation is a start. With every goal, you need to have logical and doable steps you’ll take to achieve that goal. Once you reach your fitness goals, you’ll start to realize how you can set goals to change other areas of your life. There’s nothing impossible when you have the determination and intestinal fortitude to try.

I’ll help you develop the mental toughness it takes to get fit and that mental toughness can be applied in many areas of your life.

When you become fitter, you’ll have more energy and confidence, which also helps you in all areas of life.

You’ll develop more energy the longer you workout. You can use that energy for change, or simply enjoy it and have more fun.

Part of changing your life comes with changing your diet. Adopting a healthy style of eating and a regular program of exercise can help you stave off serious conditions, so one day you won’t be saying,”if only” about your health.

Get More Out Of Your Workouts

Get More Out Of Your Workouts

Do you ever wonder how you can get more out of your workouts? How you can burn more calories and feel strong even on those extra tough days at the gym? 

The answer is simple, EAT before you workout. It’s so important to eat something before your workout, yes, even your early morning gym goers. There are 3 main reasons: First when you workout on an empty stomach your blood sugar is low and can cause a light-headed feeling. Secondly, food is fuel. Eat something before you workout and it will give your metabolism a kickstart! And lastly, while the research shows you will burn the same amount of fat rather your eat or not before a workout, you can lose muscle by not eating. When your hungry your body goes into survival mode, and draws protein from the muscles instead of it’s normal source, the liver and kidneys. The more lean muscle you have the faster you burn fat. So, eat up and then enjoy your workout. 

If food is fuel, get premium! Fuel your body with things that will help it, and not hurt it. Here are our idea’s for a pre-workout meal. 

Granny Smiths w/Almond Butter

Protein Shake



Sweet Potato


Greek Yogurt

Protein/Nut Bar (5 grams of sugar or less)

Healthy Pumpkin Recipes

Healthy Pumpkin Recipes

Fall is right around the corner and that means flannel shirts and stocking hats, boots and warm cups of coffee. Burrowing under the blankets on chilly nights with the windows open, and warm soups in the crock pot. The smell of bonfires and of course PUMPKIN everything! Fall is the time for pumpkin treats and you don’t have to wreck your diet to enjoy them. 

These are my favorite clean pumpkin recipes. Try them out and enjoy the season!

Pumpkin Spice Latte

The Ultimate Healthy Pumpkin Spice Latte {Recipe Video!}


Pumpkin Spice Latte Overnight Oats


Pumpkin Oatmeal Bars


Quinoa Pumpkin Soup


Pumpkin Chili


Get Happy!

Get Happy!

Get Your Happy On!

We all want to be happy, but the truth is happiness does not just fall into place. Life isn’t perfect and you have to choose to be happy. Many things are out of our control when it come to being happy, so in those times you have to find ways to make yourself happy. If you wait for your life to be perfect to find happiness, I’m afraid you’ll be waiting a long time. Try some of these practices to find your happy place. 

  1. Get Outside

Spend sometime in nature. When I get out in nature I tend to feel grounded, calm, and peaceful. I really thought maybe that was just the kind of person I was. But, now scientist are finding evidence that being in nature has an impact on our brains and behavior. It can help reduce stress and anxiety, increase our attention span and our ability to connect with other people. 

  1. Have Meaningful Friendships

Spend time with your friends. Friends make us feel less stressed, more confident, and happier. Engage them with meaningful conversation, research shows that the less chit chat and gossip we engage in, the happier we are. Meaningful conversation leads to great friendships which leads to happiness. 

  1. Excercise

While we are clearly fans of excercise for obvious reasons, making time for a regular fitness sessions does more than just create a strong body. While getting your sweat on may not cause happiness, it can certainly add to it. Physical activity helps our bodies produce disease-fighting antibodies and our brain to release endorphins. While antibodies boost happiness by keeping us well, endorphins are feel-good chemicals that improve our mood. So, it’s safe to say our gym memberships pay off—physically and mentally.

  1. Self-care Routine

Find a routine that makes you feel good and make time for it. It doesn’t have to be long, just something to start your day off right. Have a cup of coffee, do 10 mins of yoga, and write down 5 things your thankful for. Starting your day off positive will lead to a happier day.

  1. Eat Healthy

When it comes to being happy and healthy nutrition is so important. The nutrients you consume affect your mood as much as your physical well-being. Research finds that happiness and mental well-being are highest among people who eat a good amount of fruit and vegetables per day.

Are You Ready To See Results?

Are You Ready To See Results?

Are You Ready to See Results?

You have to want and be ready to see results to get the motivation to start a fitness program. If it’s taken you a long time to be ready, don’t throw away that desire by beginning on your own. Unless you already have a wealth of background in fitness, starting a program that gives you maximum results on your own, isn’t easy. Rather than studying the internet until your desire dies, call a personal trainer, like me, for help and get started as soon as possible.

Trainers like me are certified in all areas of fitness and ready to help you.

You won’t have to do anything, but show up and work your hardest. As a personal trainer, I’m ready to find the best possible solution to your problems and a wealth of exercise knowledge to help you get to your goals fast. Taking that first step is what’s important and often the hardest. That doesn’t mean your part of the deal is easy. You’ll have to agree to work your hardest and follow my nutritional advice.

I’ll work you toward your maximum potential.

You don’t get into the best possible shape without effort. It takes more than dedication, it takes the willingness to push yourself, mental toughness. I can help you develop that by creating a plan that will be tough, but not beyond your capabilities. As you start to get fitter, I’ll up the ante and adjust the program to match your new level of fitness.

Fitness is more than just working your body, it’s feeding it right too.

If you go through the drive through right after a workout for a large fries, burger and shake, you’re doing yourself and your body no favors. You have to give your body the right fuel to see results. Whether you’re building muscles or shedding pounds, what you eat makes a huge difference. I’ll teach you how to eat healthier and make wiser choices when it comes to food. Just switching from white rice to wild rice will provide a high quality protein, more nutrients and 40 fewer calories per cup.

Achieving your fitness goals makes a difference in all areas of your life. You’ll gain more than a healthy body, you’ll gain confidence to set goals in all areas.

You’ll notice your health improve dramatically. It’s amazing, but working out can help bring relief from arthritis and back pain.

You’ll wake up with energy and ready to greet the new day. A program of exercise helps improve the quality of your sleep.

When you exercise, you burn off the hormones created by stress. The exercise stimulates the brain to create hormones that make you feel good. You’ll notice your mood improving with each workout.

Are You Frustrated At The Gym

Are You Frustrated At The Gym

If you find yourself getting frustrated at the gym, don’t stop going. There are always ways to overcome the problem when you can adequately identify the problem. In most cases, it comes from lack of help and confusion over what to do next. Most gyms don’t have anyone to offer personalized help. Sure, they have someone available if a machine breaks down or water spills on the middle of the floor, but no one to give you the individualized attention to help you get fitter or do the exercise correctly.

One of the biggest problems many client had was not having a fitness program to follow.

No matter how much equipment or how good the facility, if you don’t have a program to follow or know what to do next, it won’t help. That’s one reason I go to clients. I understand that sometimes travel is inconvenient for them or impossible. That’s why I come to them, to make it easier and help insure they’re not missing out on good coaching because of it. I create an individualized program based on their fitness level, goals and special needs for them to use even when I’m not coaching them. I frequently change that program to avoid body efficiency and boredom or when their progress indicates it.

Often people don’t know if they’re using the right form for each exercise.

Whether it’s lifting weights, calisthenics or any other type of exercise, having the right form is of utmost importance. Insuring every muscle moves appropriately is important to reduce the chance of injury and maximize the benefits of the exercise. That’s one benefit most my clients appreciate. When I come to their gym, I not only create a personalized program, but show them how to do each movement and then watch to insure they do it right. Form is extremely important and making sure you have the right form is an important part of my job.

You might feel comfortable with the workout, but need some help with your nutritional program.

Good nutrition is as important as working out in the world of fitness. Good nutrition is what fuels the body and keeps it working properly. Obesity occurs for two reasons, poor nutrition and lack of exercise. If you’re tackling any fitness problem, whether it’s for weight loss or good health, knowing what to fuel your body with is half the battle. To make it even more confusing, many people have limitations on the type of food they eat, either because of medication, allergies or food intolerance. I can help you learn the right foods for your needs, so you’ll always make the best nutritional decisions at home or in restaurants.

You’ll never feel alone when you workout with a personal trainer. I’m always available to answer any questions and help you solve your fitness problems.

I’ll keep you motivated when you need it and hold you accountable for your progress. Just knowing we have an appointment at the gym can be a huge motivation to workout.

I’ll help you move to the next level and aid you in creating goals even higher. You have to have a plan to make any progress.

I’ll come to your facility because you’re important. Getting the best possible coaching and information can make the difference between success and failure.