Are You Frustrated At The Gym

If you find yourself getting frustrated at the gym, don’t stop going. There are always ways to overcome the problem when you can adequately identify the problem. In most cases, it comes from lack of help and confusion over what to do next. Most gyms don’t have anyone to offer personalized help. Sure, they have someone available if a machine breaks down or water spills on the middle of the floor, but no one to give you the individualized attention to help you get fitter or do the exercise correctly.

One of the biggest problems many client had was not having a fitness program to follow.

No matter how much equipment or how good the facility, if you don’t have a program to follow or know what to do next, it won’t help. That’s one reason I go to clients. I understand that sometimes travel is inconvenient for them or impossible. That’s why I come to them, to make it easier and help insure they’re not missing out on good coaching because of it. I create an individualized program based on their fitness level, goals and special needs for them to use even when I’m not coaching them. I frequently change that program to avoid body efficiency and boredom or when their progress indicates it.

Often people don’t know if they’re using the right form for each exercise.

Whether it’s lifting weights, calisthenics or any other type of exercise, having the right form is of utmost importance. Insuring every muscle moves appropriately is important to reduce the chance of injury and maximize the benefits of the exercise. That’s one benefit most my clients appreciate. When I come to their gym, I not only create a personalized program, but show them how to do each movement and then watch to insure they do it right. Form is extremely important and making sure you have the right form is an important part of my job.

You might feel comfortable with the workout, but need some help with your nutritional program.

Good nutrition is as important as working out in the world of fitness. Good nutrition is what fuels the body and keeps it working properly. Obesity occurs for two reasons, poor nutrition and lack of exercise. If you’re tackling any fitness problem, whether it’s for weight loss or good health, knowing what to fuel your body with is half the battle. To make it even more confusing, many people have limitations on the type of food they eat, either because of medication, allergies or food intolerance. I can help you learn the right foods for your needs, so you’ll always make the best nutritional decisions at home or in restaurants.

You’ll never feel alone when you workout with a personal trainer. I’m always available to answer any questions and help you solve your fitness problems.

I’ll keep you motivated when you need it and hold you accountable for your progress. Just knowing we have an appointment at the gym can be a huge motivation to workout.

I’ll help you move to the next level and aid you in creating goals even higher. You have to have a plan to make any progress.

I’ll come to your facility because you’re important. Getting the best possible coaching and information can make the difference between success and failure.

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