5 Fitness Myths Debunked

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Myth #1: Doing abdominal workouts will get you that six-pack.
As any fitness buff should know, doing these exercises alone cannot get the results you want. The science of it all is that there is body fat that covers your abdominal muscles, so to get that six-pack you need to lose the fat! To do this, vary your workout with cardio and weightlifting exercises and it will help burn not only the fat in your stomach, but also your body in general. Here at Fast Fitness, this technique is one that we pride ourselves on. We varying our target areas and routines every day to help your body shape into that dream vision you have in mind.

Myth #2: Drinking lots of water helps you lose weight.
This myth it has a lot of truth in it, but with some caution. On the positive side, researchers have found that drinking two to three glasses of water before eating can lead to someone losing weight faster than those that do not do this. Even one glass of water before a meal has led to eating as much as 75 fewer calories in a meal. Now for the strange part, it is possible to drink too much water. The over consumption of water can result in hyponatremia. This is a condition where the sodium levels in your blood are too low. No need to worry though, this is an EXTREMELY rare condition.

Myth #3: Stretching before a workout will make you more flexible.
This train of thought is common for the mass majority. In fact, stretching before a workout doesn’t actually increase your range of motion. The CDC has reported that people who stretched before a workout were no more flexible than those that did not stretch. Here at Fast Fitness, we typically do a warm-up exercise instead of a stretch because it loosens the muscles for flexibility more than a simple toe-touch.

Myth #4: Weightlifting makes you bulky.
This is a common concern for the lovely ladies that attend classes here. They believe that lifting the weights will result in them looking too “huge,” like a bodybuilder. The thing to remember is that muscle actually takes up less space than fat does. So, using those weights will actually cause any measurements to shrink! These new muscles will also keep the fat off a lot longer.

Myth #5: Working out means you can eat whatever you want.
This is a HUGE no-no! Not following the proper diet program paired with your workouts can ruin any work you have done in the gym. This why our nutrition talk here is so important to reach your goals and is offered in the first place. As well, Fast Fitness provides the opportunity for clients to attain perfectly proportioned and nutritional meals that are quick and easy to prepare and taste great!

With this new outlook on your view of fitness, take this knowledge to start that new journey and make a better you.

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