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supportive community

The power of this group will make you stronger and it’s way more fun than going at it alone! We work as a TEAM to help one another beat temptations and learn to make the best choices.

Nutrition Coaching

Your time is precious and it shouldn’t be wasted on counting calories or cooking food every night. We will teach you our best Meal Prepping secrets so you can finally have an eating plan that saves you more time and tastes delicious.

fun and challenging workouts

These 30 minute workouts are fun, challenging, and different…EVERY TIME! Our training program will sculpt and tone your body while you burn fat. You’ll have fun working out with others and will look forward to coming back each day.

guaranteed results

See the results for yourself. Our group training sessions will help you burn fat and tone the arms, waist, hips, buns, and thighs. Feel Better, Boost Your Confidence and Fit back into Smaller clothes!

Become a star!

It feels good to be a star! We’ll give you the star treatment; have your own personal trainer watching over you. Be proud of yourself for getting stronger and healthier.

motivation and accountability

Motivation will get you started but it’s ACCOUNTABILITY that keeps you going. You’re about to get motivated & be held accountable to your long-term goals. No giving up allowed!

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22 Aug


I’m sure you’ve heard that you should  stretch after a workout, some of you may have even heard that you should stretch before a workout.  You should stretch after your muscles are already warm due to increasing your blood circulation. Stretching can take place during exercises such as yoga or pilates once you are already […]

17 Feb

Lost Motivation? Check out our favorite tips to find it again!

Getting back into your workout routine can be intimidating. We often feel guilty that we’ve taken time off or we hesitate to start again because we know how hard the work that needs to be done is. The truth is, we all fall off sometimes, the most important thing is getting started again. You need […]

26 Jan

What’s Your Favorite Fitness App

Everyone seems to have a favorite app when it comes to fitness. Your favorite fitness app may be as simple as counting your calories or far more complex. Apps approach a wide variety of fitness needs and are becoming more prevalent as a partner to help you achieve your best. There are apps that estimate […]